Friday, November 17, 2006

Back North!

1) Firstly, had a wonderful time in Miami yesterday. Way too short! Could get used to being there from November to March! Anyway the game for the home fans was excellent. Attendance was so-so, but those that were there seemed to have a great time
2) Montreal came out well. Actually carried the play most of the first period. Opposite of Wednesday night where they were outplayed and still led after one. This time it was reversed. In the 2nd and third they started to look like they were a bit tired, and the Panthers pelted and chased David Aebischer in favor of Huet. Who later gave up the hat-trick goal to Ollie Jokinen. A game the Habs will probably want to forget about, and the Panthers will want to try to build upon
3) Tonight we're excited to be in D.C. to see the Cup champs play the up-start Capitals. We saw quite a bit of them during our west coast trip so we're quite familiar with them. Kolzig has looked like he did in his Vezina trophy winning days of 7-8 years ago. Remmber we'll be across the street at Ruby Tuesday's prior to tonight's contest. Looking forward to seeing all of you there, as well as our blog contributor, Antz.
4) Blog Note: Moderation will continue for the time being, but we hope to have that issue rectified soon. Talk/see with all of ya soon!

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pinkocanuck said...

one word....ouch. glad i played basketball, and watched csi lastnight, i'd have been one grouchy boy if i had watched that travesity. be interesting to see how my boys play against the thrashers, i smell slump.