Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Leaving Canada

1)As we sit in Calgary International Airport waiting for our flight out of Canada to the Left coast leg of our road trip we wanted to say thanks to all our many new Western Canadian friends we've made this past week.
2) Special thanks to all the tail gaiters who we met up with at the Wicked Wedge for some great tasting pizza. Among those there we enjoyed the company of the Wetzels, Bob and Laura, Barry and Arlene Fowand, Rich Guadanini as well as an assortment of folks who popped in and now sadly their names escape us. (We had fun! LOL)
A personal note to Jackson Westington who's E-mail we didn't see until arrangements had already been set. Our sincerest apologies for missing you this time around.
3) As for the game. Geez Calgary needs some offense! The Caps are an improved team as we've witnessed on this road trip, but the Flames made them look like the 76-79 Canadians. Iggy did go pop, but needed a break away to do the trick. One has to wonder if they are really happy with their squad as currently assembled, as Sutter said recently. Kipper is great, but can't win games himself every night.
4)Pengrowth Saddledome was a sea of red. We probably stuck out a bit as we didn't remember this was a Calgary tradition. LOL The seats were awesome. We were in the second tier behind the Calgary net for 2 periods so we saw most of the goals close up. Another memorable game in what is turning out to be an amazing adventure!
5)|We look forward to all the MANY folks who have already committed to seeing us in Southern California. FAUXRUMORS 2 will be handling the blogger duties the remainder of today. Great job on that Power rankings! Best of luck to Antz as they take a well deserved vacation to Africa. We look forward to hearing all about it!
See/talk with ya tomorrow from California

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