Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Early Morn in La-La Land

1) Hello all, FAUXRUMORS the world travelers here once again! LOL Today we're in Southern California. Very excited about tonight's match up. Going to see the Pens and Sidney Crosby along with rookie sensations Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal.
2) Our very capable travel agent extraordinaire was able to get us some pretty decent tickets tonight. If you're in town and planning on attending, look for us in Section 110, row 20! The usual FAUXRUMORS crew should be on hand! E-mail us( if you want to join us for our ritual pre game tail gating this afternoon/eve.
3) We are hearing a lot of static out there with the chatter increasing as we discussed in Calgary a few days ago. As we always try to do we will only reveal what we feel are CREDIBLE rumors from usually reliable sources. As we always say: We have NO paying customers, so we have no need to create a rumor to satisfy/mollify people's appetite for news.


HockeyNutz said...

Please point out at least one credible rumour you have come up with that has either:

1. Come true.


2. Not been posted on main stream media outlets prior to your site.


For more information about Faux LIES see...

Remember everyone...Faux means FAKE!

Faux Rumors2 said...

1) First an apology to our founder, FAUXRUMORS. They always say that we should never respond negatively to inane, silly or down right fallacious posts/responses.
2) Up until now we have resisted in responding to this self professed 'nut'. It appears he has taken a shine to our blog. Well, its almost an obsession. LOL
3) It seems his life goal (can't be much of a life) is to try to discredit our predictions. Going as far as citing articles that really don't corroborate his prevarications.
4) Then, laughably, responds to his own post anonymously (We have ways of detecting this!)Another reason why we do not allow anonymous responses here
5) Our record speaks for itself. We won't bore our regular readers with a litany of how we were in front of many/most of the major moves made since the summer.
6) Also a note of thanks to the folks who wish to send along their support via e-mail. In the past FAUXRUMORS has told us that we receive more notes than we can possibly respond to, and about 75% are complimentary.
Thanks for making the family of FAUXRUMORS blogs the success that it is!

jmol2112 said...

Wow faux, great response! I've been watching this and the other guys blog for a while and you seem to have hit on something. He does seem to be obsessed with you guys.
For the record and from looking at a variety of other rumor blogs, you guys seem to come the closest in guesssing, or sorry, in relaying information from your 'sources' correctly.
Keep up the good work guys!!

Fauxrumors said...

1) Thanks for the support FAUXRUMORS 2. Though we feel it unnecessary, it was nice to read
2) The reason we try to avoid getting into a 'pissing contest', is that really it doesn't help anyone
3) The folks out there who have been reading our blog since its inception know our record. We have heard from many, and apparently our reputation as being in front of many/most stories is spreading
4) We have received to date E-mail from 10 different countries. As FAUXRUMORS 2 mentioned, its almost 3:1 positive in nature.
5) Again thanks to all of you! We in turn will continue to offer our readers a unique hockey blog with in depth analysis, thought provoking polls/opinions, as well as our now legendary rumors!
As always, keep it here!

Faux Rumors2 said...

1) Thanks Jmol and ofcourse FAUXRUMORS! We look forward to reading about your adventure in LA tonight!

HockeyNutz said...

AWWW...aint this just a big love in! Enjoy your group hug guys!