Monday, February 12, 2007

More Forsberg Discussion

1) The Forsberg sweepstakes are really starting to take off. Apparently Peter has been given the assurances that he demanded before any deal could be consummated. With his no trade clause and being a UFA after the season he holds ALL the cards on this one.
2)So what specifically does he want? Well, he wants to remain a Flyer, but wants a lucrative extension with a new no trade clause in it. If a trade is made you can be certain that this has already been worked out between the Flyer organization Peter and his agent. Of course its not official, as that would amount to tampering, but as we saw with the Recchi and Weight 'rentals' last season, hand shake rental deals are now the dirty, not so little secret, of the new NHL.
3) Our sources within the Flyer organization tell us they are now going to use the short list that Peter gave the team and sell to the highest bidder from among those squads. That list which we have exclusively obtained contains 4 teams: Not surprising the Red Wings to who most have Forsberg going to. They possess about a 1/2 dozen fellow Swedes. The Predators. Who's GM David Poile has shown in the past to be a very aggressive GM around the trade deadline. They also have quite a few good prospects to deal. The Caucks who Peter would potentially be reunited with buddy Naslund. Morrison is the player rumored going the other way. Lastly, the Avalanche. mainly due to Peter having fond memories playing there with Joe Sakic. Their playoff hopes are on life support right now so a deal for Peter could place them back into the hunt.
4) Our sources tell us this is more likely to happen sooner rather than later as the Flyers want this deal over and done with to remove the distraction, and so Holmgren can concentrate on other potential deals. Keep it here for the latest inside information as it becomes available


Stacey Schnall said...

Why aint the ilanders tryin to get him to? we got our best player hurt so we could use a guy like forsburg

The Hammer said...

Stacey give it up. The Flyers want to trade Peter to a western conference team so he doesn't play them the rest of this year.
Faux, any chance we'll get a blue chip prospect like a Radulov from nashville?