Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Februray 6th Update

1) These are a few of the potential deals we're hearing this morning. As we mentioned several times in the past few weeks the Boston Bruins remain an enigma. The biggest of course is Brad Stuart. Acquired in the amazing stupid Joe Thornton deal last fall. Our sources in Boston tell us the B's are eager to unload Stuart and if possible package him with Primeau.
2) The destination? Well, as of this morning our source tells us that Darryl Sutter has been hot after Stuart. Apparently Sutter isn't all that happy with the current make up of his squad and wants to add some offense. What would the Flames offer up? We're told that Andrew Ference possibly another player, probably a 3rd line forward or a draft pick. We're told this one could be done BEFORE the deadline!
3) In other news we're told that the Islanders are getting a bit frustrated with impending free agent forward Jason Blake. Evidently the diminutive forward is being adamant about a 5 year deal. The money is probably negotiable as far as the Islanders are concerned. Blake wants about 4 mil/year. BUT the Isles do NOT want to go beyond 3 years. That could be the deal breaker, and this all could come to a head before the deadline.
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HockeyNutz said...

This post was originally posted on Monday February 12th, 2006. The Blogger Post ID# comes in sequence after the posts that are dated Feb 7, 8,and 9.

It is a feeble attempt to garner attention when in reality the jig is up...NoRUmors has been revealed for the FRAUD he is!

jmol2112 said...

Sorry man, I saw it Friday morning. Why do you have to make stuff up to devalue what this site does? I'm beginning to think what faux says about you is right

Fauxrumors said...

1) Thanks Jmol. Glad someone was watching. LOL Actually though you're the first to post that here, we've recieved about 30 E-mails over the weekend saying much the same.
2) The post is time/date stamped at: posted by Fauxrumors at 6:40 AM on Feb 6, 2007