Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Board Imposters

1) Its sad, but necessary to report that some of the more vocal minority have begun to make posts using our FAUXRUMORS names. In the past we have never removed posts unless:
a) They were spam
b) Repeats
c) Impostors here to disrupt the normal discussion of the subject matter
2) We will continue to do this, as well as not allow anonymous posts but will NOT turn to moderating each and every post. We have found that blogs that 'moderate'/censor posts are usually afraid to have contrary opinions. We at FAUXRUMORS are fine with other opinions, but won't allow a very minuscule minority to disrupt the flow of this, the fastest growing hockey rumors blog on the net today!
Apologies to the 99.99% of our readers to whom this post does not pertain


I Speak You The Truth said...

i think i know who this post is for. i agree with you guys that its sad.
as you said as you grow this is inevitable. keep up the great work faux!! i pop on here a couple of times each day for the latest. i don't come here to read silly crap.

HockeyNutz said...

Ha ha! Faux you are hysterical! Not allowing 'anonymous' posts...

Let me give you a tip...just because someone has an ID doesn't mean they are not anonymous!

And as for moderating comments, I agree with you on something, I hate that, but have had to temporarily moderate my blog comments due to 'someone' posting very inappropriate comments.

While our disagreements may border on the hilarious I have at least always kept the comments and discussion to the topic and not to personal and childish attacks. Unfortunately not everyone does that and I had several inappropriate comments on my blog. The good thing is due to my 'traffic tracker' I was able to pin down an IP address of the commentor and now have more interesting information to post in the coming days!

trotz19 said...

Hey faux i visited that guys web page. its almost an obcession he seems to have for ya. the whole blog is about you guys!
what a loser

Stacey Schnall said...

Just ignore him and he'll go away. He seems to be the type who is loving all this attention. No need to censor, or even respond. Just ignore him.

Faux Rumors2 said...

1) Leave it to a woman to be the voice of reason. We have to agree that her advice would be the best way of handling this
2) FAUXRUMORS has always told us other members of this blog to not respond to these kind of people. They were apparently correct.
3) We will adopt that as policy from here forward. If any of our other readers wish to respond to this person that's your business, but we will no longer get into that nonsense.
4) It'll be considered what it is, noise: Its there and occasionally annoying, but ignore it and it will go away. Thanks Stacey

Fauxrumors said...

1) Hey FAUXRUMORS 2, good job! We also agree with Stacey, and as you mentioned, it is the official policy of this blog to NEVER get involved in such matters
2) To everyone else we should have a new posting shortly about our latest stop along our tour of the NHL. We're in Florida. Look for it later today!

pinkocanuck said...

florida eh, gonna see my habs take on the lighting or what?? lucky guy, anyway hope its a blast.

HockeyNutz said...

Yes...and Faux would know all about Board Imposters wouldn't U!