Monday, October 23, 2006

Philadelphia is in a major slump

1. I do not post this message as a way of irritating or stirring up you Broad Streeters, but I am curious as to how much futility you fans will put up with regarding your local sports teams. Its been 23 years since Philadelphia has celebrated a championship in any of the 4 major sports.

2. Let's look at the facts.
Flyers last Stanley Cup - 1975
Phillies last World Series title - 1980
Sixers last championship - 1983
Eagles - well, nothing there, but at least you folks reiterate each week that you can spell EAGLES. E---A---G---L---E---S !!!!

3. Philadephia is perhaps America's greatest sports town. The fans are as passionate as anywhere I've seen. Moreover, I have been in other buildings where the Flyers or Eagles have been the visiting team and their fans make as much noise as the hosts. You've got Donovan McNabb, Ryan Howard, Peter Forsberg, and Allen Iverson. What's the problem?

4. As an avid sports fan, I love it when the Philly teams are competitive. Its great theatre. Plus, it gives me a team to root against. C'mon Brotherly Love owners, get a clue, and return the Philadelphia teams to the glory years of the 70-80s.

ANTZ welcomes the arrows


Fauxrumors said...

1) FAUXRUMORS may have slightly over estimated the Flyers this season, but feel they have significantly underachieved and are far better than they have displayed thus far
2) We wouldn't at all be surprised to see this team make a move upward into the standings before it is all said and done and make the playoffs
3) To do that Antero Nittymaki/Robert Esche will have to shoulder the load and carry this team in much the same way that Henrik Lundqvist did for the rangers last year.

pinkocanuck said...

the flyers will probably get that famous new coach a coupla games in a row...but the stench of bob clarke mismanagement still clings to this team. 7 million dollars for 2 dmen that can't keep up in todays fast past game, and 2 goalies that are better suited for the ahl. so if stevens can coach this team out of its early season malais, and holmgren, has the blessing of snider, or any pull with the rest of the gms, the flyers may get out of the stink that the previous regime has left them in, and sneak into the playoffs...if not expect the flyers to be sellers come deadline time.

OverDaRainbow said...

FUX, you guys definitely overestimated the Cryers this year... PINKO got it right, in his assessment of Philadelphia, and particularly in stating that the Devils are the team to watch... Hmmm, ANTZ and PINKO seem less distracted lately than you do FUX... I will continue to fault your 30 city tour...

And now I look across the screen and notice that you seem to think Esche and Nittymaki CAN shoulder the load... Neither have proven themself anywhere... FUX, are you from Philly?