Monday, September 25, 2006

New Writing Style

1) At the request of several of our loyal readers we here at FAUXRUMORS will be altering our writing style. Instead of the usual paragraph form for our posts, we will now begin to use numbered bullet points
2) This in an effort to make the posts more reader friendly.
3) Feel free and continue to send in your thoughts/suggestions to our e-mail address( or respond to right here to this site. Either way, we thank you for all the many kind words we have recieved.
As always, keep it here for the latest


jmol2112 said...

1) I thought I had invented that style! LOL
2) Anyway, I agree that its easier to read than run on sentences

fauxrumors said...

Thanks Jmol.

OverDaRainbow said...

Numbering your points will make your sometimes "too long to look at" entries much more reader friendly... I, for one, appreciate the new format... Keep the rumors coming... Now let me publish this so I can get to your other posts...