Monday, September 25, 2006

Major Announcement

1) We here at FAUXRUMORS are VERY excited to announce the dates of our first leg of our '30 NHL cities before 2007' tour.
2) Unfortunately, despite our best efforts the schedule will not allow us to visit Dallas. ( they are on a 2 week road trip at the moment that we would be able to visit them.
3) As scheduling flights/rental cars/hotels is an arduous, sometimes daunting/ frustrating task, we were unable to get that 1 city into our itinerary. We promise our Texas readers that we will make it up to you at some point in 2007!!
4) Here is the schedule for the First Leg:
City Atlanta- 10/19
Calgary- 10/30
LA- 11/1
SJ- 11/2
Anaheim - 11/3
Phoenix - 11/4
Toronto- 11/6
5) Thankfully the members of FAUXRUMORS are all seasoned travelers, but even for them this is a very ambitious undertaking. Stay tuned as we get closer to the season for further updates. Feel free to comment/write to our e-mail address( or respond to this web site so we can arrange a tail gate party before the game in your area.
6) We look forward to meeting all our loyal readers and supporters. As always keep it here for the latest!


OverDaRainbow said...

Hey FUX, good news... I am planning on a two week visit to Alberta toward the end of October -interesting coincidence... Nevertheless, present some specifics and you can be sure to see me for some tailgating... By the way, have a great tour...

fauxrumors said...

Thanks 'rainbow. The 2 Alberta dates are on the site. As it gets closer e-mail us so we can firm up times/places to meet up with fellow Faux readers. We already have a half dozen or so who have written from that province. One family from Red Deer who said they read our blog daily is set to meet up with us when we go to Calgary. let us know if you intend to go to one or both games.

OverDaRainbow said...

Absolutely - looking forward to it... I should have my tickets any day now...