Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snowy Sunday Offerings

1) As the flakes fly here in and around the offices of FAUXRUMORS we figured we'd share some of the goings and coming that we've heard the past few days around the league, but due to the inclement weather this will probably be brief. We are looking forward to FAUXRUMORS2 All Star Break Power Rankings. They tell us it should be out some time tomorrow afternoon.
2) Now on the latest. The biggest rumor fodder involves Peter Forsberg. If you were to read all the many published rumors he's headed to about 10 different teams. We will stand by our source who told us 3 days ago that Peter would prefer to NOT participate in the Cup playoffs and the potential 2+ month grind it involves. He would prefer to rest his weary/injury riddled body for the full 4 months and the decide if he wants to continue to play in North America. Our source tells us its about 75-25 that he stays put in Philly and puts the Kibosh on any potential deals
3) Contradicting a rumor that we at FAUXRUMORS broke 2 weeks ago the Islander beat writer for NY NewsDay wrote recently that the Isles have yet to offer their impending free agent forward Jason Blake a contract extension. We inquired from our VERY reliable Islander source to see if this was accurate. What they are telling us is that technically it is true that the Isles haven't yet sent an "official" offer, BUT as we exclusively reported 2 weeks or so ago, the parties are in informal negotiations. Things are at a very critical time we're told. However a team source who didn't of course want to be identified said that Blake should NOT over inflate his value. We took that as meaning that if he demands an exorbitant sum he will likely be a UFA in July. However we're told this is an unlikely scenario as Blake feels very loyal to the Isles and Wang where he resurrected his career
4) Non hockey related but today is Championship Sunday in football. A few intriguing scenarios for Super Bowel Sunday. First would be the Manning vs his Dad's old team the Saints. Add to that the New Orleans city situation and you have the underdog appeal that sells. Also you could have a repeat of the 1985 Super Bowel with NE and Da-Bears squaring off. However we believe the scenario most appealing to the NFL will be(and we believe the fix is in!) is the Bears-vs- Colts. It would have not one but TWO African American coaches against each other. The NFL is VERY race conscious and would LOVE to have the league appear color blind (its isn't!) with that match up. If we were betting types we'd put the house up in Vegas that this will be the Super Bowel! Anyway we have a few hours until then. Not to worry we don't need the money anyway! LOL
As always we will stay a top any potential NHL deals. Keep it here for all the latest!


Chevy Chase said...

Faux, nice job on your football prediction! So did ya end up betting your house? lol

Osama Bin-Laden said...

عليكم استغلال قطعة من برعشيت كافر يجب ان يموت!

Antzmarching said...

Hey everybody, look who "came out" of the cave... Can someone translate Osama's nonsense... Much appreciated...