Monday, January 15, 2007

Number 200:Recognition/Thanks!

1) When all of us here at FAUXRUMORS got together last August and launched this blog we had no expectations. We as a group had become fed up with the rumor mongers as well as simply wanted to write about what we loved most, NHL hockey. As a group we had ample potential sources which we have cultivated/added to in the past 6 months of blogging. We are VERY proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time.
2) Amazingly, this is our 200th post! Some ofcourse have been more memorable than others, but we stand behind, and are proud of each and every one of them. We don't do this for recognition, but an independent web browser/tabulator recently audited our site and found we are in the top 1% of hockey blogs based upon number of hits, and more importantly, UNIQUE hits. Simply put, we have attracted a rather large audience without anything other than word of mouth!
3) Nothing is more gratifying though than to be recognized by one's own peers in the blogging community. In such a short time we have either been mentioned/sited/espouse by/been a contributor or been lauded by many other popular hockey blogs. Among them are Islander Army,, Jasper's Rink,, OffWing Opinion, Igloo Dreams, Hockey Rants, Canuck's Hockey Blog, Anotherhabsblog, Tom Benjamin's NHL weblog, James Mirtle, And many more!
4) Additionally, as has been mentioned here in the past, we have been nominated for a blog award in the category of best new hockey blog by The Interactive Media Awards.
None of this could have been possible without all of you! We will continue to strive to bring all of you the latest news, commentary, irreverent humor, and of course the most accurate rumors on the net today. All FREE of CHARGE!
As always, keep it here for the latest!


I Speak You The Truth said...

Congrats guys! We at the Tribe Councel are avid readers

jmol2112 said...

I could tell the difference between this blog and the others. I still can't tell how many of you there are, but whatever the number this is one of the better hockey blogs and a must read every day!

Fauxrumors said...

1) Thanks Chief and Jmol! We intend to stay on top of everything as the deadline drasw neear.
2) Things are definitly getting interesting out there. we should have another update coming soon about the latest discussion that are on going

The Co-Pilot said...

200 posts? Man you are a busy man(men). Between that and your trip you MUST be loaded!
No way could you have a regular job!
Well, I guess if you worked for the government it would be possible. LOL

Leslie Alexander said...

I have received several emails today regarding this post. I am Leslie Alexander, Director of Judging for the “Interactive Media Awards”. I have been asked to address concerns raised about claims that this blog has been nominated for our prestigious award. I can confirm that this blog has NOT been nominated for any award associated with the Interactive Media Awards. Any claims of such should be taken as false. The sports category closed September 30th, 2006 and the awards have been selected and presented. Nominations for the Sports category will open for 2007 awards on July 1, 2007 and close September 30, 2007.

We welcome all websites and blogs to nominate themselves for our awards.

Once again I reiterate that claims made by this blog that they have been nominated for an “Interactive Media Award” are completely false. This site is not currently nominated, nor has ever been nominated for any of our prestigious awards.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to me at:

Thank you,

Leslie Alexander
Director of Judging
Interactive Media Awards

HockeyNutz said...

Yes it is true, I have reappeared once again on Fauxrumors. I am making a one time appearance in response to numerous emails and instant messages from many of my loyal readers regarding this post. I have no plans to renew the rivalry between Faux and I, but several loyal readers asked me to look into these claims…and I am honouring their loyalty by doing so…

I will address the points made FauxStyle (ie. Number point form). I will not provide links (Faux deletes any comments with links), but you can verify anything I explain by simply googling the names of websites that I offer. I will also post a duplicate copy of this comment on my InsiderBuster blog (click on my name to view my profile…link to it is provided).

Here we go…

1. “Amazingly, this is our 200th post!”

- No clue if this is correct or not, not wasting my time counting, but does seem to be a reasonable number.
- the value of the content in those 200 posts is in the eye of the reader, make your own judgement.

“an independent web browser/tabulator recently audited our site and found we are in the top 1% of hockey blogs based upon number of hits, and more importantly, UNIQUE hits.”
- interesting how Faux fails to reveal his "independant web tabulator"
- one of the more reputable and respected (PC Magazing ranked it #1) is Alexa(google alexa). It reveals that Fauxrumors is not in the top 100,000/million websites. It reveals Faux's traffic rank is 5,433,895. For comparison lets look at Hockeybuzz...40,253, and Spectors Hockey...165,616, and puckupdate...1,423,313, and canucks hockey blog...2,918,961, and of course IMHockeyNutz...2,149,315. Simple logic deduces that it would be unrealistic to expect a blog with a rank so high to be in the top 1% of hockey blogs.
- Faux often points out his wonderful counter. Do not be fooled, these are EASILY manipulated. You can reload a page and add to the counter. The counter increases everytime you read a different post. The other way Faux manipulates his counter is by using the exact same counter code on his fauxbaseball site. (you can check this for yourself just load his fauxbaseball blog, notice the counter is now 1 more than his fauxrumors site!). The counter does not reflect unique hits but simply total number of times anyone (including Faux) loads any part of this blog. The counter even increases when he makes a post to the blog, then increases every time he comments and every time he edits his post or deletes a comment.
- examining the source code of Faux's blog reveals the only 3rd party tracking of any kind is done by the hitcounter he has.
-simple math makes this top 1% claim even more crazy...43,000 hits divided by 6 months = 7167 hits per month....7167 hits per month divided by 30 days = 239 hits per day...that is not unique hits...that is TOTAL hits including any hits that Faux makes on his own page. Not exactly the type of numbers you would expect from a top 1% blog. In contrast my blog that I have been operating for just less than 4 months has a mere 45,000 hits (not unique)...375 per day average. I use a program called freestats to actually track unique hits and first time visitors (can check the source code html to see that I have that coded in).

3. “we have been nominated for a blog award in the category of best new hockey blog by The Interactive Media Awards.”
- looks like Faux got the attention of the IMAwards, but not in a favourable way.
- google Interactive Media Awards to find their site.
- confirm that the Sports category closed on September 30th, 2006. The list of nominees does not include Fauxrumors, and the winners of the sports category are already selected. There is no specific sports blog category.

Basically the only fact that Faux mentions in his post that is remotely true is that he has neared or hit 200 posts. Why is any of this important...well to me, if he is willing to lie about things like this it puts a serious question mark into the credibility of anything he enters into his blog.

Oh, and a final note...the fact that he mentions receiving recognition from Spector is hilarious...Spector referred to his blog twice in SEVERE Criticism of the information that he was presenting.

Well that is it. It was nice visiting once again, but don't expect me back! I've enjoyed not visiting this place the past couple months and look forward to not visiting again!

Fauxrumors said...

1) Oh we knew ya never left Nutz, or should we call you Leslie Alexander? LOL!!!!!!

Stacey Schnall said...

I coulda told ya he was still lurking. he still asks me out about once a week. what a jerk
Saprised it took him this long to write here again
I love this site faux!

Police Squad said...

Looks like that poor sap is back to try to bother ya faux. I've found through the years that these kind of stalkers never really go away unless they are either put away, kill their victims, or are kiled BY their intended prey. Be careful faux!

AuditNet said...

In response to the organization that employed our services, Fauxrumors LLC, we wanted to confirm the facts alluded to in regards to that organization's standing.
They are in fact in the top 1% of hockey blogs. This information was attained with out bias and is accurate as of the date: 12th of January 2007.
All inquiries on this and other business matters can be sent to our Information Department:
Thank you for your patronage.

Antzmarching said...

a. Congrats to ALL of you for the information... I have no idea what is faux or real anymore, and I don't particularly care, either...

b. NUTZ, its good to see you here again - I personally have missed your input...

c. Stacey, why don't you get a dictionary or use the spell check... You continue to operate as a juvenile... I also highly doubt that NUTZ is e-mailing you...

Stacey Schnall said...

Ant you can kiss my Jewish ass!
Sorry if i don't rite as good as you! Your so full of yourself. for your information that guy hockeyballs or nuts has been sending me dirty notes!

Fauxrumors said...

1) Hey there guys and gals, lets tone it down a bit please.

Antzmarching said...

LOL!!! Stacey, it's really easy to get your "Jewish" goat - I am unsure as to why your religious affiliation is an issue here... Nevertheless, its wonderful having you as a regular poster, but the spelling errors are horrific...

Go Yashin... LOL

HockeyNutz said...

I received a message today from James Mirtle, writer for the Globe and Mail. He clarifies that despite Faux's claim that James Mirtle wrote about fauxrumors in his blog that this indeed is FALSE.

A copy of the comment is still available on my insiderbuster blog (click on my name to view my profile to see the link).

I see know reason why a respectable journalist that is currently writing for the Globe and Mail, has written for The National Post, The Hockey News and McKeen's Hockey would lie! I think the real fraud here is obvious!

PS... Mirtle's Blog rank...562,842

Also interesting that a company checks on webstats and audits site traffic relies on yahoo for email! Sounds reputable to me!

spectorshockey said...

I congratulate you on your 200th post, as I know that such milestones really do mean something when one is just starting out. That being said, I must insist that you remove the name of my website and blog from your list at once.

It has come to my attention that you're claiming that my website and blog have been among those you've listed as being "mentioned/sited/espouse by/been a contributor or been lauded by many other popular hockey blogs."

For the record, your blog has NEVER been directly mentioned, cited, espoused or lauded by either my website or my blog.

You have NOT been a contributor to either my blog or my website. I don't count making comments regarding my blog posts as being a "contributor". That implies you're working for or with me, and nothing could be further from the truth.

I also suggest that you may wish to clarify your list to avoid having more bloggers and commentators taking you to task in this manner.

I understand your desire to bolster the popularity of your blog, but misrepresenting its importance isn't the way to go about doing it. All that does is garner you a bad reputation, which you should avoid.

Best of luck in your future endeavours.


Lyle Richardson
Spector's Hockey

Fauxrumors said...

1) Looks like Spector changed his e-mail address? LOL LOL

spectorshockey said...

I've also e-mailed you directly requesting that you please remove my name from this list.

There was also an offensive comment posted to my blog regarding my request left by someone calling themselves "Fauxrumors2", but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that was left by a troublemaker masquarading as this individual.

Again, I request that you remove the name of my website and blog from your list.


Lyle Richardson
Spector's Hockey

HockeyNutz said...

Don't believe it was actually Spector? Go read the comments in his blog...he posts a response to his own blog post and clarifies that he indeed did make those two comments here and clarifies that he has never worked with Faux, had Faux on his blog, referred to Faux etc.

Fauxrumors said...

1) The comments by " fauxrumors2" on Spector's Fox Blog were NOT made by anyone associated with the FAUXRUMORS blogs. We would never use profanity of this nature on this or any other forum.
2) Some may disagree with our view points, but the discussion from us anyway, stays on an adult level.
3) We have only the highest regard to this blog's author, and apologize for the apparent hijacking of the FAUXRUMORS name by this imposter. Soiling this blog.
3) As for the blog's author's assertion that FAUXRUMORS: " For the record, FAUXRUMORS has NEVER been cited", this is inaccurate.
4) On at least 2 occasions trade rumors that emanated ONLY from our blog were directly cited and commented upon by this blog's author. Most notably the Malkin trade rumors of this early fall.
3) We may also have a differing opinion what 'contributor' means, but our position that anyone who is published on a blog IS a contributor, else its a monologue

HockeyNutz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fauxrumors said...

We would ask folks who post here from refraining from using excessive profanity or threatening other posters. A recent posting by Hockeynutz did just that. It has been removed for that violation.
Thank you again!

spectorshockey said...

First, apology accepted.

Second, my assertion that your blog has never been cited IS accurate. I have never in any posts on my blog or on my website given your blog any accredition for anything you claim came from your blog. You're obviously referring to the Malkin trade rumours, which were sent to me by a reader but didn't reference your blog.

How can you claim I accredited something to your blog when I didn't know the name of said blog? At best that's an indirect reference, but doesn't qualify as "espousing", "mentioning", or "citing" your blog in a direct manner.

Third, your blog has never been "cited, espoused, lauded or mentioned" by me. Indeed, your blog has only been mentioned by me today and that's due to the ealier comments today on my blog.

Fourth, posting comments to a blog post does NOT constitute contribution. By making that claim you're insinuating that you work with or for me, which is simply not the case.

Finally, Faux, I have no problem with you posting comments to my posts, provided they're done in a manner respectful to both my opinion and those of other posters. For the most part, you've done that.

Again, I ask that you remove the name of my site and blog from your list of blogs/websites you claim have singled out your blog for recognition.

Again, I ask that you remove the name of my site and blog from your list of blogs/websites you claim have singled out your blog for recognition.

If you have the respect for my work that you claim to have, you'll respect my wishes in this matter.Thanks.

Lyle Richardson
Spector's Hockey

Fauxrumors said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fauxrumors said...

1) Our response is contained in a new posting:

spectorshockey said...

I appreciate the response, but it doesn't address what I've been asking of you.

Again, I'd appreciate it if you'd remove all reference to my website and blog from this post.


Lyle Richardson
Spector's Hockey

spectorshockey said...

Thank you.