Thursday, December 28, 2006


1) Well the Christmas holiday trade freeze is officially over in the NHL. With just a little over 2 months remaining until the trade deadline the rumors of impending deals are sure to start to commence fast and furious
2) Early this morning this is what our various sources are telling FAUXRUMORS. We're hearing from several sources that the Dallas Stars have been trying to reattain their former forward Bill Guerin. Apparently, the Stars have seen the RW regain his scoring touch with the Blues this season and would mind adding him.
3) He was always well liked in Big D, but his salary was crimping their cap. With his very affordable salary of 2 mil a deal to add him before the deadline is very possible, but the Stars will have company as several other teams will likely have interest in him
4) Also this early morn, as we alluded to in a response to a reader's question yesterday, there are discussions with the Rangers and Blues. Many have speculated that the player involved would be former ranger forward Martin Rucinsky, but a source close to the Blues front office tells us that Glen Sather has been hot after defenseman Eric Brewer. Peter Prucha has been the carrot Sather has been dangling lately. As mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, he is also using much the same bait to try to pry Shane Doan from Phoenix. Both deals are on the table, but no word how close either one is as of this morning.
As always, we will stay on this and other potential deals as they develop/word from our sources arrive at the FAUXRUMORS' offices. Keep it here for the latest!


From The Point said...

I'd LOVE to get Doan AND Brewer in NY! We have too many softies in the line up and we could always use another defender
Not sure I'd give up on Prucha.

Antzmarching said...

Faux, you have many eggs in this Doan to the Rangers basket... While it certainly makes sense, I believe the NY problem is a lot deeper than simply a player of Doan's caliber... Re-read my previous post regarding JJ's frequent bouts of pouting - the Rangers concerns revolve mainly around their disgruntled Captain... He tanked it in DC, and he is well on his way to shutting it down on Broadway...