Sunday, December 03, 2006

Real Pronger Story

1) First a disclaimer: If you are the type who gets easily offended by stories that might be embarrassing to the folks written about, we advise you to cease reading and go to for more wholesome entertainment.
2) That said, as we mentioned last week, we have been working on a story concerning Chris Pronger. The return to Edmonton last week promoted several readers to ask FAUXRUMORS to the exact/real reason for why he so abruptly asked to be traded, and left Edmonton last spring. After all he wasn't traded there. He went there and signed voluntarily when he could have signed virtually anywhere, and had an amazing season to boot. So why leave??
3) The initial rumors swirled around an apparent infidelity Pronger had with a certain local news-gal. The rumor had Chris involved with her, knocking her up, and forcing her to terminate the pregnancy when his wife found out. While this was never confirmed, it was the scuttle-butt of supermarket tabloids in Alberta all summer.
4) After many readers asked us the real scoop, we started to dig, and dig some more. As many of our long time readers know, we don't just spout off nonsense unless we can corroborate it among several independent sources, and NOT until we have the complete story(which is why the Eklund story is taking so long!)do we go to print.
5) To that end this is what we have been told from our sources. The reason for the Pronger exodus was NOT Chris Pronger, but his wife Lauren. No, not for the popular reason; that she preferred to get away from the snow and cold of northern Canada for the year round warmth of southern California. The reason the Prongers needed to get the hell out of Dodge, or Edmonton was ironically for the same reason that were rumored with Chris, but it was NOT Chris who had the near-miss of an illegitimate child, but Lauren! Yes, Lauren Pronger from accounts we have heard from several sources had taken up with a local physician and inadvertently became pregnant!
6) The physician's name was given to FAUXRUMORS, but as he isn't a celebrity, we have been told by our legal department it would be safe to not use his complete name. We can say he is a local Internist. First name John, Last name initial K. The story goes; Mrs. Pronger saw Dr. John last fall for a routine case of allergies. After several visits, and having Chris gone for weeks at a time, the two became more than Dr.-patient, and it became a full blown affair. Culminating with pregnancy in January.
7) The pair attempted to keep things hush hush, but in the hockey media circus that is Canada, nothing is private. A local reporter got wind of the story and confronted Lauren. Knowing that Chris would find out one way or the other she decided to tell him herself. What followed were some very uneasy weeks for the two. Eventually they decided to reconcile, if for nothing, their 2 children. It was at that time that Chris and Lauren decided new scenery would lend itself to making a new start. As a consummate professional, Chris decided to wait until the season ended. We don't believe even he thought the Oilers would last as long into the playoffs as they did. However once it was over it became public that Chris had asked Edmonton's GM, Kevin Lowe, for a trade even before the Stanley Cup playoffs started.
8) The rest is history, and at the quarter poll of this season Chris Pronger is the early favourite to win the Norris as best defensemen, and quite possibly could be in the running for the Hart trophy as league MVP. From what we have been told the personal life of the Prongers has been far less contentious, and actually peaceful so far in southern California, where the two can and do live in virtual anonymity.


Police Squad said...

Thats definitly a new one faux. I have heard any number of rumors about why Chris deserted us up here, but yours is definitly the best yet!

HockeyNutz said...
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HockeyNutz said...

Faux...a few wholes in your theory...

1. Chris Pronger never had a choice about going to Edmonton...he was traded there...for Jeff Woywitka, Eric Brewer and Doug Lynch. Now he did have a choice about actually showing up and signing a contract extension...minor detail anyways.

2. Kevin Lowe publicly stated that he had first discussions with Chris Pronger about his desire to leave Edmonton in mid-November.

3. There is NO SUCH INTERNIST practicing in Edmonton. A simple search on the College of Physicians and Surgeons reveals 4 (FOUR) Internists with the first name John/Jon/Johnathan and their last names do not begin with K. The only 'Johns' practicing Internal medicine in Alberta are Dr. John Scott Bradley, Dr. John R. Mackey, Dr. John Eric Pedersen and Dr. John Williams. NO JOHN K.

4. There are only 2 (two) John K****'s practicing any kind of medicine in is an Pediatric Anesthesia (Dr. John Koller). The other practices Otolaryngology (Ear/Nose/Throat). He only works with patients needing Reconstructive, Cosmetic, Laser, Endoscopic surgery.

Now just in case you feel the Dr. in question has fled Edmonton remember his status in the College of Physicians and Surgeons does not change unless he gets booted out. There are many physicians listed as members practicing outside of Alberta. But YOU MUST be a member to practice in Alberta.

There only one John K. practicing internal medicine in Alberta...he practices in Calgary. Must have meant him hey...except he received his MD in 1962. Even if he was Doogie Howser M.D. that would make him in his 60's at best...44 years since graduation + 18 years as boy genius = 62. More likely 44 + 25 = 69. Hard to belive Lauren Pronger would be having an affair with an internist that is almost 70!

My point...well it is simple...either you have fabricated the entire story (my vote goes here) or your source has wrong facts....and if that is the case it blows the whole story apart!

I would post the link to the website for the College of Physicians and Surgeons where you can search for physicians, but I do not have permission to do so and don't want to spam!

Fauxrumors said...

1) Again we remind our readers/posters to not place any spam in responses. These will always be promtly deleted
2) All other responses, like the one above are just fine. You can disagree, and make up stuff to bolster your arguments, but please no spam.

trotz19 said...

I guess anyone can look up the names of doctors. I noticed you didn't mention where this supposed doctor lived or worked. Is he an edmonton doctor or somewhere else like hockeynutz said?
It is an interesting story and makes more sense than any of the other stories that were going around this summer

Faux Rumors2 said...

1)Wow, nice to see some are TRYING to do their own research. A list of physicians, Nutz?? LOL That's too rich! Wow you must have a lot of free time.
2) Anyway, as another poster recently noted we didn't reveal where this Dr. resided/practiced. Clearly if we did, then yes, super sleuths like yourself could have easily figured who the person was. Nice try.

3) Below is a link to an ESPN article that states that Lowe hasn't received a trade request YET from Pronger. This story is dated June 26, 2006. NOT November!

4) The story above is only partially factual though. Pronger was quite content in Edmonton until the incident outlined in our piece occurred
5) Pronger DID request a trade, but told Lowe to not make a move until AFTER the season

trotz19 said...

why did I know you were going to say something like that. i guess that makes sense though. you could get into trouble if you told us where this doctor was. i read that story. it doesn't make sense. was lowe lying when he said Pronger didn't request a trade yet? he must have been. why since you said he asked for a trade before the playoffs even began?

Faux Rumors2 said...

1) Trotz the answer on why Lowe wouldn't say if Pronger asked for a trade is easy: Value!
2) The second a player publicly requests a trade, instantly his value plummets. Other GM's know that their collegue is in a bind, and will low ball offers
3) Unfortunatly for Lowe and Edmonton, the rumors about the Pronger indescretions were so well known, that they couldn't keep a lid on the trade request.
4) The fact that is didn't come out until almost the end of the playoffs was amazing in of itself.

HockeyNutz said...


You fail to mention how come there is no Dr. John K.... working as an internist anywhere in the province of Alberta or licensed under the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons.

You see at the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons you can search a list of ALL doctors licensed to practice ANY KIND of medicine in Alberta. There is no John K. of any kind practicing medicine of any kind in Edmonton. Which means at best you have faulty information...which puts your whole story in do we know it was Lauren Pronger and not Julie Songer? or even worse means you made up a fictitous story which defames others...classy!

HockeyNutz said...

Hey Faux...

Before you go deleting posts for 'spam' should read the Blogger Use CLEARLY states that spamming only occurs when the website does not give permission!

I have complete permission from coppersblog to post his blog address here! Therefore...NOT SPAM...

And interesting how Faux2 can post a link to ESPN...highly doubt he has permission from ESPN!

I am sensing a double standard!

HockeyNutz said...


Why do you copy your posts from another blog?

Your only two blog entries are copied completely from "The Policeman's Blog" (aka Coppersblog) from August 25th and 23rd, 2005.

I have contacted the owner of Coppersblog (it is a blogspot blog and his email address appears on his blog) and he has stated he did not give permission for this!

Faux will not let me post a link I have added a link on my HockeyNutz can get to it by clicking on my name in the comment section to see my profile...then view the IMHockeyNutz blog.

Police Squad...explanation please?

Fauxrumors said...

1) We won't speak for a reader/poster, so the best way for one to get an answer to a question you may have, is to e-mail 'Police Squad' directly.
2) As for SPAM, we don't allow advertising of other web sites here. We feel we are otherwise very permissive as to content of posts.
3) Others may have a different policy. You may inquire with those folks as to why.

HockeyNutz said...

So FAUX...why hide behind the False Spam accusations...

It is bogus and false...not surprising from you though!

Simply just is my rules...i say no putting other websites except for me!

People may not like it, but at least it is straight forward...

Antzmarching said...

a. Well, I feel the need to weight in on this seemingly absurd story. What concerns me, is the fact that NONE of these facts has been leaked to anyone, which immediately makes me dubious.

b. However, my sense is that the non-FAUX specifics will never become public knowledge. Pronger's immediate need to leave Edmonton had many people scratching their heads. Something definitely happened, whether FAUX's accusations are true, SHOULD spark debate.

c. Once again, love him or hate him, NUTZ has done extensive homework on this topic.

HockeyNutz said...

Thanks Antz...

My feel of it is as I said when you are confident enough in your source that you can give a first name and last initial and that info proves wrong the entire basis of validity for anything that source gave you is GONE. (if it ever existed).

I hope Faux at least looks up the faux names in the yellow pages next time he makes something so horrendous up!

The bottom line to me is that we will never know...nor should we ever know. Pronger has told us it was a personal family issue...he fulfilled his role brilliantly for the Oilers and while sort of held a gun to Lowe's head...he certainly increased his trade value prior to doing so.