Thursday, December 28, 2006

Antz knows JJ

It seems like "my" source was correct in outing the pouting of the Rangers disgruntled Captain, Jaromir Jagr... While it is true that his shoulder has been a nuisance to him all year, JJ's penchant for destroying team morale is alive and well... It seems Number 68 has been quietly feuding with more than one of his countrymen behind closed doors... Those "in the know" have brought it to my attention that Jagr has accused Marek Malik of embellishing his injury status... And, in an atypical display of emotion, Marty Straka, in siding with the work-horse defenseman, recently lashed out in a locker room tirade directed at Jags... Jaromir was seen red-faced and "out of sorts" as he dashed for the safety of the MSG exit... The Rangers have lost six straight, and the percentages suggest that they are due for a W, but this in-house situation is simmering... Time will tell if they can right this ship sooner rather than later, or if it will be a disappointing 2007 for the Blue Shirts... Also, I am curious as to whether newly acquired Brendan Shanahan will take the reins of this team... Stay tuned...


Fauxrumors said...

1) As we have previously discussed on this blog in November, Our sources have been telling us of the discord for a while.
2) Shanahan is the defacto captain at this point. Management has been reluctant to make it official for fear of offending their oft-moody Czech super star
3) The key will be to see whether the Rangers add another Euro like Rucinsky as rumored on many blogs, or they go for a North American like Doan or Comrie, as rumored here exclusively

OverDaRainbow said...

I just finished watching the Rangers play in Ottawa tonight. Jagr is clearly either distracted or disinterested. Antz, you call it pouting, I call it unprofessional. This Ranger team is not handling the locker room adversity well. A big shake-up is probably in the works, as FUX has alluded to. I personally wouldn't be surprised if Renney's job is now in jeopardy ("Give me air shutter disaters for 100"). One thing is for sure - its going to get awfully interesting in MSG!