Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shuffling off....

1) Hello there loyal readers! We're on our way shortly to Buffalo where we will just be ahead of yet another snow storm. We seem to spread the snow wherever we go. LOL
2) As far as last night. We were pleasantly surprised with the game. The new coach factor(as FAUXRUMORS2 mentioned earlier today) must be taken into account, but the Hawks looked pumped and ready to perform for Savard. We have always liked Savard. He fell under the radar behind Gretzky and Lemieux during the 80's, but he was one of the mot exciting players of his time
3) Fans seemed to be optimistic he would turn things around. We guess things have gotten so bad that that franchise can't go anywhere but up! We wish them well
4) On to Buffalo where we have a big day planned. A huge contingent of FAUXRUMORS fans/readers/contributors are expected to get together before tomorrow night's game. More on that later.
5) We hear John Leclaire has been waived by the Pens. Not surprising. It was surprising his contract wasn't bought out before the season. Clearly John is done. Only question remains does John realize it yet? He should simply retire gracefully
6) On another note the rumors about Brian Leetch and Jason Allison are heating up once again. For a few weeks we heard little, now we're told that one of both may be signed before the holidays. We will stay on this as/if this develops further.
As always, keep it here for all the latest! Thanks to FAUXRUMORS2 for keeping our seat warm, and continuing this blog without missing a beat! Great job guys!


HockeyNutz said...

Thats not all you bring when you 'go' somewhere!

HockeyNutz said...

Great to see FAUXRUMORS has the time to post on Eklund's site!

I guess we now know one of his 'Insiders'! HA HA HA!

Oh yea..noticed him posting on Spector's site...guess we know the other 'Insider' he uses..

That is when he doesn't just make the stuff up and back date it!


Faux Rumors2 said...

1) Do you EVER have anything of substance to add?
2) As for posting/commenting on other sites. Of course. That's idiocy to believe all we do is write and comment on here.
3) We believe we regularly visit/comment on about 2 dozen other hockey blogs
4) Some are well written and have good opinions(Spector), and some are rumor whores(Eklund) We add our comments to all when we feel its appropriate.

Antzmarching said...

WOW FAUX, looks like you have an internet stalker. LOL. Be careful, NUTZ may be watching you.

Faux Rumors2 said...

1) "Stalker" may be too kind of a word, but we won't decend and start name calling. All are welcome to post their opinions here, as wacky as some may seem. LOL