Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snow- Long Denver

1) As we're sitting at the airport waiting to get to Canada, we're working the phones to hear if there are any imminent deals in the works. This is a summary of what we've learned so far.
2) The Yanic Perreault sweep stakes appears to be heating up. We hear that unlike what some have stated today, the Senators are NOT seriously interested in the veteran center. It was also reported that Perreault is looking for a multi year deal in excess of 1 mil/per. We hear he would 'settle' for slightly less, and understands the reality that any player over 35 is not going to get a multi year deal in the new NHL
3) Our sources tell us again to look to the South west for the answer here. Phoenix trying to shake up their roster, and as such is actively courting Perreault. We hear as soon as today, but by the end of the weekend at the latest and Perreault will be back in the NHL.
4) Additionally with the Rangers coming into town we expect the other rumored deal of Dave Scatchard to heat up. It may take additional time for this one to go down, but as the losses for the Coyotes mount up,so will pressure to make additional moves.
5) Anyway, our flight to Vancouver is finally going to be boarding shortly. See all of ya in the Pacific North West!!

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jmol2112 said...

Great job faux. You seem to have been the only one to predict the Coyotes.