Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Feature Coming

1) Firstly we heard from FAUXRUMORS this afternoon. They landed safely in Denver and are en-route to their hotel. Look for them possibly to show up later today/tonight to discuss their visit/tomorrow's game between the Avs and Caps.
2) Next, FAUXRUMORS wanted us to announce a new feature here starting next week. Our exclusive 'Power Rankings'. Sure other sites attempt to rate the teams 1 through 30, but not until we have done it will it have credibility, and our unique twist in posting.
As aways keep it here for the latest!


NorOnt said...

Creditbility? You're kidding me, right? I suspect that you feel you have more knowledge than tsn.ca or sportsnet.ca when it comes to rankings? It is funny how you can blow your horn and not aknowledge creditable sources. Hell, I have been stupid all these forty-some years as a hockey fan resorting to competent sources! Good luck Fux!

Fauxrumors said...

1) Hey 'Nutz, got tired of posting under your 'original' name? Guess since we don't allow anonymous posts you had to create some new ones, eh? LOL
2) We loved how FAUXRUMORS2 called you out on this earlier today! Great job FAUXRUMORS 2!

HockeyNutz said...

You only wish I was posting under a bunch of different names! I am proud of what I have to say and always post under HockeyNutz, here and every blog/forum I visit.

You may not like it, but I have my share of supporters.

I don't actually lend much credibility to the Power Rankings of TSN and SportsNet. All you have to do is look at their success at picking Playoff winners the past couple seasons...didn't the monkey do better than them?

I am actually interested in your twist on power rankings. I think when you stick to Hockey Stuff and avoid the National Enquirer sort of garbage you actually have something decent going.

You will notice that I have never criticized posts about HOCKEY and not about made up rumor junk or slanderous comments about other people.

I know you may not believe me...and frankly don't care. I have never been shy about posting as HockeyNutz here...and never will be.

I do compliment you on keeping my comments on..though suspect you enjoy the banter!

And yes...before you comment about it...I do post at hockeysinsider.com under a different name...but simply because my original HockeyNutz login has been banned until 2014...and any variation I tried with HockeyNutz in it got banned too. Though I am getting close to getting HockeyNutz reinstated at that site!

Yours in Hockey!


PS...can't wait to see you on your Canadian leg of your tour!

pinkocanuck said...

okay so buffalo is number one, the coyotes, flyers, and maybe the black hawks (sans zeus, and havlat) are bottom dwellers, that leaves the fuzzy middle, good luck with that.