Thursday, October 05, 2006

Its Quiet....Too Quiet!!

1) We have discussed at length the Devil's/Lamarello situation enough here at FAUXRUMORS, and we heard that many GM's aren't too happy with what Lou did, but what we here at FAUXRUMORS is most surprised at with this situation is what we're NOT hearing. That is not a peep from the NHLPA!
2) Why, you ask would they care? Well in the "new NHL" cap world there is a fixed amount of money that the league can spend as a whole on players (54% of revenue). Now in this case 7.1 million is on the books as being spent on players salaries, yet no team is actually spending the money (Mogilny and Malakhov are not playing)
3) It is a zero sum game so that means there is less REAL money available for the players who ARE playing, and the owners can claim this as 'spent', without spending the money. Any wonder why Gary Bettman has been so quiet on this issue?
4) Where is Ted Saskin? Well, if what we're told is correct he's so far up Bettman's ass that he probably isn't aware that this happened.
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choch said...

There's over $1000 million being paid out to players. $7.1 million doesn't seem like all that big a deal to me.

Also, the GM's can't be too angry. Too many of them are in similar situations. Next season, some of the players who will be counted against the caps even if they retire include: Rod Brind'Amour, Mike Modano, Sergei Zubov, Nicklas Lidstrom, Mathieu Schneider, Dwayne Roloson, Rob Blake, Dallas Drake, Martin Rucinsky, Doug Weight, Olaf Kolzig - and there are more. How would Detroit feel if Lidstrom gets injured and his $7.6 million is tied up?

fauxrumors said...

1) Thanks for your input Choc. However its no only the amount of money, but the precident being set here
2) It shouldn't matter how much of the 54% is being falsely claimed, if one cent IS, then the NHLPA should howl, as least we'd think they should.
3) You can bet your ass if Bob Goodenow were still in charge we'd be in court as we speak

fauxrumors said...

1) Also we're not taking sides here, but just making the observation of how quiet the NHLPA is being when in the past if something was not completely above board, they'd be all over it like flies
2) We hope the scenario Choc interstingly paints does not occur. Would make the CBA a TOTAL farce. Even more than some already believe it is

pinkocanuck said...

Saskin and the nhlpa are too worried about the mini revolt/ pending lawsuit that chelios and roloson are leading, to give 2 poops about 7.1 mil, and the precident it might set. lou is a genius, the rest of the gms in the league should be taking note.

fauxrumors said...

1) We agree with Pinko that other GM's should be taking notes and not complaining
2) We disagree that the NHLPA is worried about the 'revolt'. Nothing will come of it.
3) Sure the CBA deal was done questionably, and sure Saskin was a prick/undercut Goodenow, but the powerful almost always win, and they will prevail here too.
4) Time for the Chelios's,Klatts, and Roloson's to get on with their lives. Life isn't always fair.

pinkocanuck said...

I think this revolt/lawsuit is leftover sour grapes from the lockout days..nothing will come of it probably....hate to see some players continually pick at a scab...time to move on. It is to bad that the leader of the NHLPA isn't a hockey person, but a lawyer, or whatever the hell Saskin is.

HockeyNutz said...

Malakov is unofficially retired. There is no Cap hit to him as he is basically AWOL...there is no salary being drawn by him.

Mogilny's salary is being paid to him either by insurance or to him as Long Term Injury (assumably now by the Kings as you can no longer assume salary...though I am sure there is some deal in place). Because the clause used allows NJ to 'replace' the salary the additional salary used to cover this would replace that money in the Cap/Revenue Formula. This would be the same if say Jarome Iginla went down and the Flames took on another 7 million in salary...the total league salary remains unchanged.

So NHLPA isn't making a flap about it because it is already addressed in the CBA. Either way the Devils are at the Max with or without Mo!

HockeyNutz said...

I hate it when you publish something then think about it a bit more...

I originally based my post on something I heard on TSN earlier about this issue. But as I typed it I thought...

If Mogilny's salary isnt dropped...then a guy like Gionta (or players of value equivalent to Mogilny's salary)would have to be signed elsewhere...this would increase the amount of overall salaries.

The bottome line is the dangerous precedent it sets.

Despite the controversy I applaud Lou for finding a way out of his mess...I hate that he did, but he should win GM of the year for this!