Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Its Good To Be The King?

1) The referenced 'King' here is Henrik Lundqvist, affectionately known by Ranger fans as King Hank. The sophomore star goalie is now under the gun with the Ranger front office for engaging in a life style that has set off alarm bells with the Blue Shirt management
2) Apparently Lundqvist has been enjoying the NY night life quite a bit since he became the Ranger starter last season. Our sources in NY tell us that it didn't take long for 'Hank' to become a fixture in the NY club scene. It hasn't been unusual to find Lundqvist 'boogying' away at all hours of the night.
3) Thus far he hasn't been seen the night before a game, but what has the Ranger brass concerned is what has happened to past Ranger stars who became 'night owls'. "To be young and rich in NY can be a wonderful thing", one source tells FAUXRUMORS, but it can be full of pitfalls.
4) Long time Ranger followers can recall Don Murdoch. The darling of NY in the late 70's, who fell to temptation and was caught doing cocaine. His career never was the same after that. Later players like Ron Duguay, and even more recently Brian Leetch have fallen prey to the NY night life. One may recall Leetch breaking an ankle 'slipping on ice' a few years back. In fact he was 'piss drunk' and fell off a curb in front of a NY night club at 3:30 am
5) His slow start this season has the Rangers even more concerned. They are considering placing a curfew on he and the rest of the team to try to curtail their, and more specifically Lundqvist's 'zest for living the good life'. They realize if they were to lose their star Swedish tender their aspirations of making the playoffs would be pretty much dead


OverDaRainbow said...

As you may already know FUX, I still have many friends and family in the NYC area... I can actually confirm this latest rumor involving Hank the "Party Animal." I am not sure exactly how much "boogying" he is doing on a nightly basis, but I can tell you that he does frequent several upscale Manhattan clubs...

NUTZ is going to have a difficult time disproving this one... I look forward to his attempt, though... It seems to me FUX, that you are better at lifestyle rumors than you are with those involving UFAs...

Fauxrumors said...

1) Well when relaying UFA/trade rumors all we do is give our readers what we hear. That doesn't always mean a deal is imminent or will happen at all
2) As for 'life style' etc. rumors, those are easier to confirm usually. They also don't change from day to day like trade rumors can with injuries, poor play, etc.