Friday, September 08, 2006

Miller/Lehtonen signed. DiPietro Next?

According to published reports, Buffalo net minder, 26 year old Ryan Miller signed a 3 year, 8 million dollar deal today. For those who have been reading the FAUXRUMORS blog, this isn't a surprise. We have been anticipating this move for days now.
Also Thrasher net minder Kari Lehtonen has been signed to $3.7-million, two year deal.
With those 2 starting goalies under contract, that leave Rick DiPietro of the Islanders as the last starter who has yet to be inked.
Word on Long Island is that despite the signings of today, and the fact that both of those players had much better years than DiPietro, expect him to get top dollars and a LONG term deal within a week. FAUXRUMORS has been told to expect a 5 year 25 million dollar deal minimum.
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