Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Leg II Announced

1) The now famous FAUXRUMORS tour of 30 NHL cities is pleased to announce the schedule for our second of 4 legs.
2) 11/13- Carolina
11/15- Tampa
11/16- Florida
11/17- Washington
11/18- Pittsburgh
3) Yes, as with our first leg announced previously, it is quite an ambitious schedule. Also as we have mentioned before please feel free and write to our e-mail address( to arrange a tailgate meeting in advance.
4) We look forward to meeting all the many folks who have already written us, and to new readers to our site as well.
As always, keep it here for the latest!


jmol2112 said...

Hey Faux,I'm a caps season ticket holder. Love your Blog!
I usually hang out along the empty seats near section 104 during warm ups.
If you want to hang out before the game I'll be there. There aren't too many places to 'tail gate in DC. No set parking lots set up. There is always the Ruby Tuesdays across the street? Let me know, would be cool to meet all of ya

fauxrumors said...

Hey Jmol, we are looking into the DC options as we speak. We will send ya an e-mail to the address you have sent us to let you know where/when we will all be meeting.
We have alrady had quite a response from folks in D.C.
We are confirmed with The Dippolito family from Potomac as well as Mr. Kuck of Fairfax.
It should a fun time for all

OverDaRainbow said...

The DC stop? - tremendous! I am very interested in this date... I lived in the District a few years back, and am I quite familiar with the Chinatown area... By the way, are these the same Dippolitos who used to work for Hebrew National out of New York a couple of decades ago? Hopefully, it is, as they are tons of fun... The dad, Tony, is loved by all...