Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eklund outed?

In the upcoming days we here at FAUXRUMORS hope to reveal the true identity of well known hockey blogger "Eklund".
We have several impeccable/reliable/separate sources working on this important story. Once we are satisfied with the validity/truth of the information, we will reveal to the world once and for all who this person(s) is.
As always keep it here for the latest.


Fla15 said...


How is outing Ek of any value?

What do you have to gain?

I'm surprised you would do this faux.

fauxrumors said...

Why?. Better question would be, why not? This person(s) is making money by perpetuating false information and hiding behind this secretive persona.
We here at FAUXRUMORS are here to unmask this so the truth can be told. Transparency=truth.

leaffan07 said...

Why who the hell cares? I can guarantee Eklund does not make false reports! He may give information that doesn't happen but he's just reporting what he's hearing. All the stuff he posts (well most of it) is true!

Just who cares this is just plain stupid! Eklund is a nickname of what ever his name his, does it really matter to you that much?

Eklund#2 said...

I'm Eklund #2

fauxrumors said...

OK, why out Eklund? Hell, why not? Here is a guy who has NO track record of getting ANY major trade right before it ocurrs. Which would be fine if he was like the rest of us out here, just blogging for the enjoyment of the game.
No, he does it to swindle money from the gullable among us who believe he in fact has a net work of contacts who relay information to him.
Its all bogus. If he had inside information he at least would have been correct ONCE about a rumor BEFORE it happens. He just repeats what he reads, makes up his own crap and feeds it off as if they're scoops. And his PAYING readers eat it up.
He's a liar and a cheat. Thats why we are going to show 'the man behind the curtain'. The great OZ, will be exposed for the fraud he is!

fauxrumors said...

On all blogs, readers can respond to the blogger with a question/comment. We like when you challenge us on here. Thats great, and why we're all here.
On Eklund's site ONLY paying customers (The most gullable fools) can respond to his silly posts. That tells you something!

dvs512 said...

I for one need to address you fools. Fauxrumors has great sources and is not afraid to speak the truth, unlike the other pretenders out there. I think you guys all need a conscience check and realise that this blog has more validity than all that other crap out there. I think a lot of it stems from jealousy, personally. If you don't like it, then leave... Faux, let us know the result of your research!!!
I can't wait to know who this Eklund guy really is...

fauxrumors said...

Thanks DVS. The doubters don't bother us. We'll continue to spout what we feel is the truth despite what others may wish to believe. Just makes things more intersting.
The final story of the outing of Eklund is still being compiled.
Rest assured that once its done we will publish it first here for all our loyal readers to see first hand (free!)before its picked up by the mainstream media

boundless said...

look forward to the report Faux...

enjoying your blog so far. thanks!